Field Trial - Dachshund


The Dachshund is first and foremost a hunting breed. The hunt created the breed and by competing in Dachshund field trials. In Dachshund field trials braces of dogs are put on the scent line of a rabbit or hare and judged on the quality of their work on the scent line. The Dachshunds should never appear to be running haphazard but rather should display sensible and efficient actions with an intense enthusiasm for hunting. The dogs should be credited with work in relation to how it leads to accomplishment, rather than 'style' of work.

For a Novice, it is important to know that Dachshund Field Trials are bloodless. No game is killed, and the dogs are not encouraged to engage the game. Should the dogs accidentally see the rabbit or hare while they are on the line, the Judges generally act quickly to pick up the dogs. The judges are not interested in the Dachshunds ability to sight chase. Trials are held in fenced places, dogs will not run out into roads. So what is a Dachshund Field Trial about? The Dachshund Field Trial is an adaption of the Brace Beagle Field Trial, in which the dogs track the game. Currently there are 3 Classes that can be entered. OPEN ALL AGE DOG, OPEN ALL AGE BITCH, and the non-regular FIELD CHAMPIONS. Points towards the AKC Field Champion Title are earned in the Open Classes. OPEN ALL AGE means precisely that. All ages are eligible to be entered, as well as Field Champions.--- Borrowed Dachshund Club of America Inc.(written by David Kawami)



CVDC Member Linda Cockburn and 9 year old "Woody"

with Judges Jean Dieaden and Stan Knoll in Prentiss, MS.



  Beating the brush for bunnies in Prentiss, MS.